7 essential fitness equipment pieces for home and travel

7 essential fitness equipment pieces for home and travel

Are you someone who doesn't have much space at home for bulky dumbbells or machines? Or maybe you want to stay in shape when you're on holidays but don't want to find a gym and pay for a day-pass. Here are 7 essential and convenient fitness equipment pieces to help you train your entire body anywhere: at home, outdoors or wherever life takes you.

Foldable yoga mat

Most fitness mats are too thick to store away easily or to travel with. That's why we like foldable yoga mats: even though they are a bit thinner they provide a comfortable surface for pushups and all your other favourite / most-hated exercises. Get it here.

Jump rope

Jump ropes or skipping ropes are one of the most underrated fitness tools out there. They're perfect to train your endurance, coordination, core stability (yes, you need that for effortless rope jumping) and give you nice calves (who doesn't want that). The Exerbell jump rope is built with a lock-in system, meaning that you can adjust the rope length easily by pushing it through the aluminum handle. Whether you're a boxer or a weekend warrior who likes to do a HIIT at home or in the park, a jump rope fits into any pocket. Get it here.

Exerbell foldable kettlebell

Weighing only 1 lbs / 0.5 kg, the Exerbell is a foldable kettlebell / dumbbell that you can fill with water or sand. Not only is it lightweight, easy to store and functional but also aesthetic. The cotton-like outer shell makes it blend into your beautiful home and gives a new feeling to your workout. Its soft construction ensures that no damage can be done to your wooden floor. Choose your weight, up to 30 lbs / 14kg when filled with sand which makes it also an ideal fitness tool to take with you to the beach. Get it here

Suspension trainer

The TRX suspension trainer

Install a suspension trainer at home or hook it to a tree and train your entire body wherever you want. Our favourite exercises are assisted pistols, row and reverse crunches. Get it here. (Photo courtesy of TRX)

Hip bands / mini bands

These elastic bands are not only for those who care about how their booty looks. The glutes (your butt muscles) are essential when it comes to posture and movement, whether you're squatting, lunging, running or swimming. Hip bands are also a great tool to improve foot and knee stability. You can get cheap plastic hip bands for a few bucks already. The downside: they tend to break after a few months and putting them on can already be quite a workout itself. The Exerbell hip bands are made of soft and comfortable fabric with a slip-resistant lining and come in 3 different strength levels. Plus, they simply look beautiful. Get it here.


These sliders have 2 surfaces, one for surfaces such as parquet and one for carpet floors. Simply place your feet onto the sliders and do mountain climber variations or sliding side lunges. Want a bigger chest? Place them under your hands and do sliding pushups. They are thin and lightweight and can take your home and hotel workout to the next level. Get it here.

Recovery and hydration

We love foam rollers to help us recover. We need water to stay hydrated. So why not combine both? That's what the company Mobot does: they combined a waterbottle with a foam roller. Plus, they have some great colors. Get it here.

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