Convenience combined with functionality and aesthetics

Exerbell is an adjustable kettlebell to challenge your entire body with water or sand. No need for bulky and expensive kettlebells or dumbbells that clutter or damage your home.

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Home-friendly design

Foldable, easy to store, beautifully designed

Ideal for travel

A dumbbell or kettlebell alternative that fits into any bag

Convenient & Adjustable

Simply fill with sand or water, adjust the weight easily

Train your entire body

Over 30 functional exercises for strength, endurance & mobility

Easy to use:

Easy to use:


Fill with water or sand

Filling markers help you choose your desired weight, from 2kg/4lbs up to 10kg/22lbs with water or 14kg/30lbs with sand.


Make it tight

Press air out, roll it up tightly. The added leak-protection keeps the water inside during your workout.


Attach the handle and GO!

One fitness tool for all your exercises whenever and wherever you need it.

Our mission

We help you take care of your body with simple, convenient and effective fitness equipment.


"Usually, I prefer to train with heavy weights. But when I'm on the road I just use 2 Exerbells which easily helps me to stay in shape until I'm back in the gym."

Mory Konde

CrossFit Coach & Personal Trainer

"For many of my bootcamp members, iron kettlebells can be very painful on the arm and wrist when doing exercises like cleans and presses. The Exerbell sits very comfortable on your arm so that you can focus on the exercise."

Lucas Schumacher

Bootcamp Coach & CrossFit Athlete

"I travel a lot and now, I can finally continue my workouts on my trips without having to worry about finding a gym."


Kite-Surfer & Fitness Lover

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