How Exerbell was born

During the pandemic in 2020, millions of people around the world were stuck at home. Many people started putting together their home gym with weights, bands or even barbells and racks. But not everyone can afford different sets of dumbbells and kettlebells nor does everyone have the space for that. Most home fitness equipment remains unused 96% of the time. 

How Exerbell was born

Own your fitness.

We wanted something convenient and functional to train with in even the tiniest apartment or on the road. Something that is versatile, doesn’t damage our home yet is aesthetic so we don’t have to hide it. Something that allows us to own our fitness instead of being dependent on bulky, cluttering weights or crowded gyms. This is how Exerbell was born.

We believe that effective, functional fitness training should be simple, affordable and accessible. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. We hope that our products will help you on your fitness journey. Whenever. Wherever.

Tommy, Wai-On & Jeremy

Own your fitness.
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